I’ve just published on github a libtcod-like library in TypeScript.

It comes with a generic game adapted from the python roguelike tutorial (up to the middle of chapter 9).

It’s been tested on firefox, chrome and internet explorer (9,11).

It currently uses a slow DIV-based renderer but that’s good enough for a turn by turn game. I’ll probably write a canvas ou webgl renderer some time.

Feel free to report issues on github.


First time I hear about the MOBA genre adventuring in the ASCII land.
This one really looks great. Check this video :

[update] and now with a website and download : http://asciiwar.com/


By an awesome band from Toulouse.


I just recently tried to compile the latest libtcod from bitbucket with a up-to-date mingw installation (through mingw-get update / upgrade).

I had 2 issues :

The type of the first parameter in src/sys_c.c must be replaced by HINSTANCE (instead of HANDLE) :

BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HINSTANCE hModule, DWORD reason, LPVOID reserved) {

The io.h standard header cannot compile in ANSI mode. That’s a known bug.

You have to replace off64_t by _off64_t in io.h :

__CRT_INLINE _off64_t lseek64 (int, _off64_t, int);
__CRT_INLINE _off64_t lseek64 (int fd, _off64_t offset, int whence) {



2 years ago, I make a post about how I was struck by the idea of extrapolating early 90s 2d games to nowadays technology. The same way steampunk extrapolates 19th century technology, we could imaging pixelpunk, a universe where 3D games never happened.

Well some amazingly talented guys are doing just that with Wing Commander, you know, that 1990 space shooter using a revolutionary technology to display 3D ships using 2d sprites.

WOSNWings of Saint-Nazaire human fighter model

Warning ! The page is huge and contains a lot of big images :


And now, prepare your ming to be blown… This is a ship selection screen’s animated background. It also take a huge time to load, but it’s definitely worth.


This is definitely a simple 2D parallax scrolling extrapolated to pixelpunk universe… My eyes are bleeding and I threw all my money at my screen…

A video of the gameplay :


The game website :