From Derek Yu’s review, at tigsource.com :
“As simple as it is (and still v0.5), The Doryen Arena definitely shows off some of the potential of the real-time thing. It still feels like a roguelike despite having a basic, timing-based combo system(!). I’m interested to see where it goes from here! A multiplayer roguelike with this system seems like it could work!”


The Doryen Arena is a Doryen sub-project which goal was to help to improve the melee fighting system of the Chronicles of Doryen.

In other words, it’s a text-mode real time tactical combat game. Face dozens of different creatures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, choose your weapons and skills and pray to survive up to the next tournament level…

This kind of gameplay has proven to be rather fuzzy. It would be more appropriate with a turn by turn game. I’m trying to find a better real time system. Pyromancer ! uses a more intuitive system using mouse control.


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v0.8, released on January, 11 2009

Description File Size Download
Arena v0.8 for Windows arena-0.8-win32.zip 534.79KB 1423
Arena v0.8 for Linux arena-0.8-linux.tar.gz 518.28KB 739